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Our data comes from a database of hundreds of thousands of vetted candidates who were approved to interview on TopHire, an online job portal built especially for the best tech talent in India.



Why Build This?

IndiaTechSalaries began as a weekend project to help techies benchmark their salaries. We eventually ended up spending 3+ weeks working on it because we wanted to just get it right.


What is Playground?

We have an embedded Metabase playground for you to play around with. The goal for playground is to open-source interesting chart ideas and quickly add them to our page.

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Interesting Insights

🦸 The Industry Rewards Job Hopping

Stats show that job hopping has become a medium to supercharge salaries.

exp and at the
see how # of job switches impact salary growth
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πŸ’” Women in Tech still earn less than men!

Men, on average, get paid 20% more than women across most tech roles.

Gender pay gap based on
at the
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🌐 GCCs/BigTech vs πŸ¦„ Unicorns vs πŸ§™ WITCH

Breakdown of pay at the 3 core categories that rule the Indian tech industry.

Compare salary trends for the top
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πŸ¦„ Top 25 Unicorn Companies

Unicorns are often known for hiring the best talent available in tech.

Compare paying power at the top 25 Unicorn companies at the
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🌐 Top 25 GCCs/BigTech Companies

India allows GCC & BigTech companies to tap into an unmatched talent pool at a fraction of the cost.

Compare salaries at the top 25 GCC companies at the
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πŸ‘· Top 25 ITES Companies

ITES companies are usually where most engineers find the start of their careers.

Compare salaries at the top 25 ITES companies at the
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πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ Education: Top 10 Colleges that Pay Off

Considering where you should go for your next degree? Here's some info on what might make it worth it.

salary from TopHire candidates to have ever graduated from these
What is Percentile? What Impacts College Ranks?


Understanding IndiaTechSalaries

Discover more about why we started IndiaTechSalaries, and what our end goal is.

What is the main goal of IndiaTechSalaries?

IndiaTechSalaries is dedicated to providing transparent data on tech salaries in India. We focus on delivering industry-level insights, making it the go-to platform crafted by techies for techies.

Is your data skewed towards any specific category?

The salaries you see are aggregated from candidates who've signed up on TopHire. Something to point out here would be that TopHire sees a disproportionately high number of candidates signing up from product companies which may slightly skew the salaries towards the higher end of the spectrum.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the salary information?

We prioritize data accuracy by regularly conducting staleness checks at TopHire and by exclusively sourcing information from candidates who have been verified and approved on the platform.

How confident are you of your data?

To maintain transparency, for all of the charts you see above we've added the number of datapoints the information is based on and for each chart we've kept a minimum threshold to aggregate information for that specific chart.

Is there any cost associated with accessing the data or reports?

Access to this data is absolutely free.

Is the data limited to certain roles within the tech industry, or does it cover a wide range?

We've done our best to share data on most tech roles, spanning from entry level to executive positions.

Additionally, we've tried adding insightful interpretations from the data. For example. Check out this chart which compares the median salary of graduates from various institutes based on degree.

How to interpret β€œpercentile”?

Percentiles help in understanding the relative standing of a value within a dataset. Imagine we have a dataset of 100 candidates' salaries, ordered from least to most. If you see a salary is at the 90th percentile, it means the salary is greater than 90% of other salaries in the dataset.

What components does our underlying salary data include?

We're looking at total salaries that candidates input into their TopHire profile when signing up. This often includes the base salary, any variable pay and in some cases, even stock options.

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